Many Americans are interested in losing weight. One of the best ways to lose and maintain a good weight is by employing mindful eating habits. While eating less and exercising more is the best way, mindful eating helps dramatically.

Leave your Devices Alone

This may seem obvious, but while you are eating, you do not need to be on your phone, ipad or computer. If you are writing an email while you eat your lunch, you cannot be mindful of the food you are putting in your mouth. It is important to take time out of the day for your meals. Leave your phone in another room while you eat in order to prevent you from texting, emailing or scrolling through Instagram!

Eat Like a Food Critic

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show on tv, you’ll notice that the food judges or critics take their time when they taste the dish. That’s because a food critic is noticing every single thing about the food. You should do the same! By focusing on the food in front of you, you will be practicing mindful eating. It is especially fun to employ this tactic when eating out and trying to identify the ingredients of a dish that you did not cook yourself.

Sit at a Table

This may sound silly, but many Americans eat their meals in front of their computers, tvs or in their cars. As much as possible, sit down at a table to eat. Formalizing your dining experience helps draw your attention to your food and your eating habits and away from distractions. To go even further, decorate the table ahead of time. This will cause you to not only soak in the beauty of your table decor, but it will cause you to slow down while you eat and take it all in. If your schedule does not allow you to sit down for every meal at a table, start by doing it as much as possible. This will get you in the habit of sitting down to eat and cause you to do it as much as possible.

While a lot of the focus around losing weight is on the food and exercise itself, we often forget about the habits behind our eating. By putting the above mindful eating habits to use, you will see results not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Turn eating into an enjoyable