In this distraction-filled world, it’s easy to forget to manage your email inbox. If you don’t regularly check it, it can easily reach the 2000s.  If you feel hopeless about your overcrowded inbox, then you’ll be happy to know there are solutions. You can create habits to help you maintain your email inbox and keep it at zero.  First, you must clear the inbox clutter to start with a clean slate. Then, develop a system to keep it that way.

Delete in Bulk

Many email services have a search option and a sweeping feature. Using these methods, you can select multiple messages from the same contact, then delete them all at once.

To use the sweep feature, select one or more emails in your inbox. Go to the sweep menu, and select the way you want to delete all of the messages by that name. To use the search option, simply search for the subject or sender you want to delete the emails from, then delete them.

Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Companies and bloggers have giveaways and useful information that they like to send directly to their readers. You sign up and you likely get something in return for the gesture.

This is also a way for them to promote other services. Every day, your inbox will fill up with more and more advertisements and promotions from each site that you are subscribed to.

To unsubscribe from their email service, simply open one of the emails, find the unsubscribe link, located at the bottom, then follow the directions once you are directed to the page. It’s that simple.

Reply Quickly to Each Email

Depending on the type of correspondence, you can take a second to reply to the email. Or if it’s something that is more detail, try to answer it as soon as possible. You can download the email service’s app. Through the app, you can set notifications for either all or for specific contacts.

You can also create short and relevant quick replies for certain emails. This way you are addressing it and preventing the possibility of a follow-up, which will keep your inbox free.

This will allow you to decide how to handle it and whether or not you wish to respond immediately. You’ll still be aware of what email has arrived in your inbox.

Create Email Shortcuts

If you receive too many emails throughout the day, a shortcut will also allow you to answer quickly. You won’t have to bother typing much and you can address this message quickly, then delete it. You attach a message to a common phrase. When you type this in response to an email, your chosen text will be entered into the field and sent to the contact.

This allows you to send messages to people who ask questions that you might get often. The response is quick and relevant to the specific question or requests a contact might send.

To get your email inbox down to zero, it might take hours. With patience, you can clean out those excess messages with the tricks written here. To keep it clear, it’s essential to set message notifications, reply as soon as possible, then clear the message away. In no time, you’ll have a clear, easy to manage inbox.