Having goals is something that everyone should strive for each and every day to accomplish. However, when trying to tackle your goals it is best to treat it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Just as someone must train in order to complete a full marathon, there are certain traits that one must be aware of in order to reach your goals. These three traits and characteristics must be adhered to in order for one to reach their full potential and accomplish all of their goals.


Discipline is needed at all costs when working to achieve one’s goals. There will always be temptations and hurdles along the way when working hard. At times you may even want to give up and throw in the towel. However, by having discipline and keeping focused on that end goal the finish line will be in sight. Having a schedule that is structured to include all the tasks that need to be completed daily will help in keeping disciplined. Maintaining the schedule throughout the week is going to take discipline. Remaining disciplined and following through with the schedule will help to progress towards that end goal.


Focus is another trait to help crush potential goals. Studies have shown that adults are connected to some sort of digital device for at least 12 hours a day. With such distractions, it is difficult to focus on tasks that are at hand. On average when a person is working they are interrupted every 11 minutes. Distractions can be inevitable, so it is up to people to learn how to focus on their own. Meditation is an extremely helpful practice that can assist in teaching how to stayed focus properly.


In order to go the distance and work hard to reach the set goals, having a high amount of energy is necessary. Exercise, eating healthy, and getting the proper rest can all assist in gaining energy. Having the energy to follow through with the daily schedule or routine that is mapped out will help guide and direct you to fulfill those goals. Starting the day off by exercising and having a healthy breakfast sets the tone. Without the necessary energy, it will be hard to reach your full potential.