Have you just landed a promotion? Congratulations! Now it’s time to put some strategies into place to ensure your success in the new leadership role. The following strategies will be helpful in setting yourself up for success as a new manager:

Develop a Professional Persona

Now that you are in management, you will need to decide what type of manager you want to be. If you are seeking everyone’s approval and hoping they like you, you will be very ineffective at leading. On the flip side, if you come in as a micromanager drill sergeant, you won’t find success either. Find a happy medium somewhere between those two. It will take time for you to get your footing in the new role but if you intentionally create your professional persona each and every day, it will become natural very quickly.

Dress the Part

As a leader in your company, you need to look polished and professional at all times. Now that you’ve secured a management position, it’s time to start dressing the part. While you don’t want to dramatically change the way you dress overnight, as that’s going to be seen as inauthentic, you do want to make gradual improvements to your work wardrobe. Now that you are making more money, you can afford to spend a little bit more on professional clothing.

Stay Visible to Your Team

Now that you are a manager, you will likely have more meetings, commitments and unexpected issues that you’ll need to tend to. Of course, that is part of this new job, but you can’t forget about staying visible for your team. Paul Patrone of Linkedin Learning suggests you try to spend 5 to 10 percent of your day informally chatting to your employees. Why is it so important to remain visible even when you are extremely busy in the office? Your team needs to feel connected to you as their leader. If you spend the whole day in your office with the door closed, you won’t promote a sense of connectedness or trust with those you lead.

Now that you’ve landed a management position, it’s time to start managing! Take time to find your footing and your professional persona. Make sure you are dressing like a leader every single day. If that means you have to upgrade your wardrobe, do so. Lastly, remain visible to your team. The more time you spend with and around those you lead, the more of a relationship you will begin to form.