Contrary to popular belief, leaders are not born. Becoming a great leader comes from developing skills and working to become a better self for your team. Leaders possess many skills that put them down a very successful path. When leading a team, there are certain traits that they want from you:

Be Open to New Ideas

To be a great leader, it’s important your team feels comfortable coming to you with new ideas. It’s important to know that you are only as great as your team. If they have an idea, they should feel confident that you will to them. It is also important to understand you aren’t going to be the only one with great ideas. As a leader, listen to what your team has to say and honor their ideas or suggestions. Not only will this better communication throughout your team, but also help to boost team morale.

Support Your Team

When leading others, it’s important to give them their space to grow on their own.  A great leader understands their team must earn success on their own as well. Your team should not be used as tools for your own personal gains. Micromanaging can actually hold your team back instead of helping them flourish. Instead of ordering tasks to be done, leave your team to find their own path to success. There will be times when it’s necessary to interject, but a leader should know when it’s best to practice empathy. This will encourage your team members to feel empowered and find success.

Learn to Fail

As unfortunate as it sounds, failure is bound to happen. Everyone is going to fail, even leaders. Instead of hiding failures from your team or keeping away from failure altogether, take risks. Playing it safe is not on the path to success. Make sure your team understands that being afraid of failure will hold them back. Lead by example and show them that you are not afraid to start new projects or explore new opportunities. A leader who is not afraid of failure will lead a brave team.

Be a Team Member

Even as a leader, you are still very much a part of the team. By being more of a team member rather than just the leader, your team will be encouraged to come to you with any issues, suggestions, or new ideas. It’s important to be completely transparent with your team and let them know of your own failures of struggles. Talk with your team and keep the relationship between you as open as possible. This will help your team trust you and trust your decisions as a leader.