The twenty-first century brought a health-conscious craze along with it and while many of these diets and exercise regimens intend to create lasting results, there are just as many unbelievable success stories that make for fitness myths that are simply untrue. In the sea of information, it can be hard to recognize the fakes and fads, making weight-loss or health motivated missions that much more impossible. Given my interest in health and fitness (yes, I’ve fallen prey to my fair share of get-fit-quick fixes) I wanted to debunk a few this month on the blog.

Cardio for Calorie-Burning

As Alexandra Baackes highlights, “When it comes to shedding inches, focused weight training is a more effective way to drop pounds than banking hours on the treadmill. Of course, keep in mind that while you can burn away calories, no amount of time at the gym can compensate for an out-of-control diet.” Remember that weight loss isn’t attributed to a single factor, it’s a combination of multiple factors. That being said, when it comes to weight loss centric exercise, weight training actually outweighs your typical cardio. Cardio comes in for maintaining a weight and generating stamina.

You Can Eat Anything if You Exercise

Weight loss is a numbers game and while exercise helps make it possible for you to eat anything, it’s more like anything in moderation. Your calorie intake can completely tip the scales out of your favor. As described here on SHAPE, “Whether or not you gain or lose weight is all about the math. Losing pounds happens when you have a caloric deficit, meaning you eat fewer calories than you burn. Whether you want to maintain, gain, or lose weight while you exercise, having your metabolic rate checked and wearing a heart rate monitor can help you know exactly how much you should be eating.”

Power Through the Pain

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. Everyone knows the phrase ‘No pain, no gain,” but in all actuality, you can find a lot of success without forcing yourself to be miserable. After all, if you want to make a lasting lifelong habit out of exercise, putting yourself through agony isn’t the way to do it. Work your way up and give your body a chance to adjust and build stamina. Yes, all workouts won’t feel like the best thing ever, but if they cause actual pain, there’s probably something wrong with your positioning, posture, etcetera.

Abs = Crunches

You cannot always crunch yourself to 6-pack abs. As Alexa Tucker says, “Meh. Crunches probably aren’t going to hurt your core strength, but they’re not the most efficient exercise you can do to strengthen your midsection.” Long story short you can make better use of your time and effort with a more effective exercise.