The amount of time you have to dedicate to your career largely depends on how productive you are in your daily routine. If you’re continuously distracted, that’s going to limit how much you can get done each day. If you really want to increase your productivity, the first step is learning how to keep your mind focused.

Set Your Own Schedule

From the time we start our first jobs, we’re indoctrinated into the philosophy of keeping time according to someone else’s schedule. Whether you work from home or work a traditional job, you can help yourself by setting your own schedule. By setting the ideal time to go to bed and wake up, you’ll be less tired and feel more productive. Just make sure you’re still getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Exercise is Vital

We know that physical activity is important for maintaining physical health, but newer studies have found that exercise also benefits mental and emotional health. Increased physical activity boosts blood flow to the brain, which helps the mind function more efficiently. You’ll have more energy throughout your day and you’ll have better overall outlook on your life.

Start Your Day with a Bang

We’re the most productive at the start of each workday, so tackling your toughest tasks first is often the best way to go. If you can knock out your high priority tasks at the start of each day, you’ll be able to accomplish more each day. This is especially true if those tasks cause you the most concern. Since you have already completed these tasks, you’ll relieve the stress associated with them. As a result, you’ll feel more motivated throughout the remainder of the workday.

Routinely Analyze Your Process

As you tackle your work each day, continually ask yourself if you’re working as efficiently as possible. Is there something more that you could do to improve productivity? Have you really eliminated as many distractions as possible? By looking for a better way to get your work done, you can accomplish more within a shorter amount of time.

It’s not easy to change your mindset and to resist the temptations that distractions offer. However, if you’re determined to boost your productivity, learning how to keep your mind focused is essential. It may take some practice, or you may have to experiment with different strategies, but, if you keep practicing, you’ll eventually see some positive results.