How do you figure out exactly what your passion is? This has a huge impact on your first impression.  If someone asks you “what you do” and you don’t love your work, it will be obvious to the person asking you. It will be sub-communicated. If you’re not engaged and excited about your life, it will come through loud and clear. Figure out what you’re passionate about and incorporate it into your life professionally and otherwise.

What can you spend your time doing that you lose track of yourself and time? Maybe it’s three am and you realize you’ve been working on something for eight hours. Make a list of things you can see yourself doing that cause you to lose gaps of time. Don’t judge what’s on your list. Even if one of the things on your list is “video games” that’s ok! You are looking for things that take you into the flow. What makes you lose track of time and yourself?

What sort of activities do you spend money to participate in? Look at your bank statement to find out. Maybe the majority of what you spend money on is social interactions. What sort of events do you spend your hard earned money to invest in?

What area of your life do you fear judgment in? It may be a backlog of art or writing. If you are afraid to share it with other people, it means that you care about it tremendously. You work hard to be excellent at these things and that is why you care what others think. What are the things that you are afraid to share? Those are the things you are really good at.

What makes your heart race? What things in your life do you have that cause your heart rate to elevate? Again, this may be social interaction. Start flippantly when you create your list. Make a list of things that genuinely excite you and you know it because your body is responding. When you make this list, you will be able to see the things you care about but you are not sharing with the world because it is so important to you.

When you meet someone, you need to let them know that you’re enthusiastic about your life and your profession. When you are passionate about something, you will attract other people into your life that have similar passions.