Are you new to management or leadership? If you want to take the fast track to the top, it’s worth learning the harsh truths about managing others early on. The following are some truths of management that once realized, will make you a more effective leader.

It’s not about you anymore

Once you gain the position of leadership and you are managing others, it’s not about you anymore. Before, you were solely responsible for the work produced by you. Now, your job is to form and manage a team of people who will successfully execute their work. You need to be there to support those you manage and help them to perform at the highest level they can.

Other people’s problems are now your problems too

Before you gained a leadership position, you had to solve problems throughout your workday. You were probably very skilled in this area or you wouldn’t have been promoted to manage others. The difference now is that not only will you have your own problems to work through, but you are also responsible for the problems of others. Because this is now a part of your job description, you cannot become angry and frustrated whenever something comes up.

Your company isn’t the most important thing in your employees’ life.

Now that you have been promoted into a leadership position, you are most likely very invested in the company for which you work. You naively may believe that the people you are managing feel the same way. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that most employees don’t list work as the number one priority in their lives. These are real people with outside interests, hobbies, families, and lives. A good manager is sensitive to the big things going on their lives, no matter what they may be.

Being promoted to a leadership role shows that you are an outstanding worker. The harsh truth of being a leader is that being a good worker is no longer enough. Now you must realize that it’s no longer about you, that other people’s problems are also your own and that as much as you wish it were true, work is not the most important thing in your employee’s lives. Take these harsh truths with you into your leadership role and you are bound to succeed.