Water fasting, a popular trend of late, is a process where you consume nothing but water for a period of days. Most water fasts last from 24 to 72 hours. Scientists have found that fasting for just three days can regenerate our immune system. When you fast, your body kickstarts stem cells into producing new white blood cells. It also gets rid of parts of the system that may be damaged, old or inefficient.

Why do people Fast?

People fast for a variety of reasons. Some fast for religious reasons, others do it to raise awareness for a specific cause, and most do it for health its health benefits. Because intermittent fasting encourages weight loss, some people do it solely to lose weight.

What are the Proven Health Benefits?

The enzyme PCA is also reduced when you fast. PCA is linked to aging and a hormone that increases cancer risk. Prolonged fasting forces the body to use stores of glucose and fat. It also breaks down a large portion of white blood cells. This depletion of white blood cells triggers changes to your stem cells. Anyone thinking of fasting longer than a few days should go to a medical center.

What are some tips for successful water cleanse?

If you do decide to perform a water fast, there are several key tips to follow. Most importantly, you need to consume fresh, clean and high-quality water. Because you will have no food in your stomach, it is critical you are putting only the highest quality water you can. It is highly recommended that you only drink distilled water during a water cleanse. Distillation removes all harmful chemicals and organisms.

Another crucial aspect of a water cleanse is the timing and your schedule. If it is possible, you should take off of work during the cleanse. Decide exactly how many hours you want to cleanse for and schedule it as best as possible. If you are going to a family reunion for a weekend, that is [probably not the best time to schedule your cleanse. If you have a free weekend without any obligations, that would be a much better option.


While a water cleanse is an extreme choice, some people enjoy the benefits from it. Before you decide to do a water fast, however, it is important to understand the risks and benefits, as well as the best ways to achieve a successful cleanse.