A blanket approach to health and fitness is rarely effective. Every body responds differently to certain foods, activities, and plans for wellness. As a result, in the sea of diets and workout routines, it can be difficult to find a useful one for you.

The problem is many of these solutions don’t solve any problems for the majority of adopters. As described to HealthLine, Ahmed El-Sohemy says, “We have known for a long time that some individuals respond differently from others to the same foods, beverages, nutrients, and supplements they consume. That is, a one-size-fits-all approach to optimal nutrition is ineffective.” In other words, one person’s ideal food pyramid might look more like a square to their neighbor’s ideal plan.

Defining Personalized Nutrition

A personalized nutrition approach stems from the idea that people will be more motivated or enticed by a plan made for them rather than the masses. As a result, that tailored approach and new-found commitment are expected to reduce the risk of major diseases that might develop as a result of inadequate nutrition and diligence. This isn’t a novel idea but recently became a major focus for new startups in the digital age. As Allison Webster, Ph.D., RD says, “Personalized nutrition is at the heart of what registered dietitians have been doing since the advent of the profession: delivering tailored nutrition advice that fits the physical, clinical and emotional needs of their patients.

Don’t Diet, Personalize Your Nutrition

People don’t often consider, and infomercials don’t often mention the potential risk associated with dieting. As Deanna Minich, Ph.D. explains, “Identifying precise micronutrient combinations and concentrations that prevent DNA damage via dietary manipulations (i.e., increased folate and specific antioxidants compounds found in certain foods) can play a key role in the prevention and control of specific cancers.” Minich goes into greater detail discussing how diets don’t properly account for these varying needs. The real question is that if we are aware of the fact that limited dietary plans can cause DNA damage and as a result cause numerous incurable health conditions then why do we continue to promote them? Personalized nutrition is the safer alternative with more benefits and less potential side-effects.

Given this new trend, I encourage you to explore personalized nutrition before trialing the next cure-all diet plan. I argue that investing in personalized nutrition and a little of your time, you are more likely to find the results you have been looking for.