We’re often afraid to outright call people “lazy.” We tend instead to use euphemisms, saying that employees who don’t get their work done “lack motivation” or “have difficulty staying on task.” However, any manager knows that there are indeed some employees who certainly fit the “lazy” descriptor, whether or not anyone is willing to point it out to them.

Lazy employees aren’t a lost cause. Instead, they need active managers who motivate them to stay on task and to find their passion for their work. Here’s how to manage lazy employees.

Figure Out What’s Lacking

People who are passionate about their work aren’t likely to be lazy. They have a drive and a motivation within them. Lazy employees are often just employees who feel no connection to their work or their company. As a manager, you need to figure out why this is and what can be done to inspire passion for the organization within your employees.

Improve Communication

Laziness in employees can often be the result of resentment. Employees who feel like they’re constantly being nagged, ignored or degraded by management will tend to stop caring and simply stop trying as a result. This is why effective communication between management and employees is so important. Your employees won’t be motivated to be effective in their roles if they feel like they only receive negative feedback or no feedback at all from their superiors.

Lead By Example

An office culture where everyone seems to do as little work as possible can often start from the top. If your employees see you and the other managers continuously goofing off instead of staying on task, then it’s no surprise that they aren’t motivated to do their personal best. Remember, a huge portion of a manager’s job is to lead by example. When employees see you consistently working and exuding passion for the organization, it will inspire them to do the same.

Laziness is learned. It’s not something that people are inherently born with, but rather the aftermath of a lack of motivation and drive. If you follow these tips, you can inspire your employees to stay motivated for their work and reduce laziness in your staff.