John Seckel

CEO of Lean Soul


John Seckel is the CEO and President of several different ventures including Lean Soul LLC, Seckel Enterprises LLC, and Cheap Social Media. Over the past decade, John has had quite a fulfilling career as an award-winning investment banker. More recently, John Seckel opted to pursue a long time dream of his, creating a personalized weight loss management company.

After graduating from Northeastern University, Seckel went on to accept a position with the Wachovia Corporation as a financial analyst. At Wachovia, he was quickly promoted on to the position of Vice President of Credit Products and International Banking for the company. John was involved in the purchasing analysis for UBOC, SouthTrust, HSBC and more. In those two years, he was awarded for customer service on $825MM M&A Deal. Based on his investment banking experience, John Seckel uncovered his passion for business and entrepreneurship. Acting as an investment banker, he quickly realized he wanted to be the man behind the investments. As a result, John Seckel ventured into the entrepreneurship pool and has since launched numerous successful companies. He loves taking an idea and growing it into a renowned corporation.

As the CEO and Founder of Lean Soul, John Seckel hopes to help individuals unlock the best version of themselves through the latest science. Unlike most weight loss management companies, Lean Soul offers personalized weight loss solutions based on a variety of tested factors. Lean Soul offers science-backed testing that uses the individual’s DNA, metabolism, blood, and food sensitivity tests to decipher the best possible weight loss solution. Conveniently, tests are taken in the comfort of the individuals home. During this initial stage, the Lean Soul team takes the time to learn about the individual’s lifestyle and overall health goals. From there, the results are carefully reviewed and presented to clients in an easy to understand way. Plans are then put together by nutritionists, doctors and life coaches. Lean Soul offers an array of services, including meal kits, tailored vitamins and supplements, and resourceful success coaches.

Founder and CEO, John Seckel, had struggled with weight issues and obesity almost his entire life. From not being able to keep up with the kids, struggling to fit in clothes, breaking chairs, sweating unexpectedly, and just being so out of shape in general, John Seckel was determined to find a weight loss solution. Like most individuals, John tried working out in gyms and various diet plans, only to find it didn’t work. What John knew he needed was accountability.

And thus, Lean Soul was born. John Seckel created a company dedicated to the individual’s success using proven formulas, science to understand and a real-life human being dedicated to the individual.

In addition to his work at Lean Soul, John Seckel is an entrepreneur in other ways. He is the owner and CEO of L.O. Exclusive. Between their technology, Digital Marketing Guru’s and Ex-Mortgage Executive leadership teams, L.O. Exclusive is solving some of the most difficult problems faced by the mortgage industry today. L.O. is customer centric. They are able to carefully evaluate a business, assess the challenges and opportunities to then provide solutions designed to deliver a return on investment.

L.O. Exclusive generates the leads and gives you the technology that does all the initial contact and follows up (for 6 days) via E-mail, Text, and Voicemails.

John also created and founded Cheap Social Media, a marketing company. It was established in 2017 and its goal is to help new and existing small businesses grow their online brand for an affordable rate. John Seckel’s concept for Cheap Social Media started with a dream of charging reasonable rates and being able to truly partner with clients on their social media presence. Since its inception, John Seckel and the Cheap Social Media team have made their clients their top priority. Cheap Social Media, unlike competitors, offer clients a single contact. In providing that one person, clients are able to establish concrete relationships and trust in the work that the individual is doing for their business. He created a social media solution at a cheaper price, with more expertise than the typical office manager. Cheap Social Media delivers social media excellence while growing the network for each business or salesperson. Diving into business challenges, solving them with efficiency and the nominal cost is a passion of John’s.  Growing businesses into money-making sales machines with operational excellence is another. And with Cheap Social Media, he’s accomplishing just that.

John Seckel blogs about topics related to his businesses, and his passions on his blogs at,, and Head over to one or all to read further!

Now that John Seckel resides in San Diego, he is operating his businesses across the country. As with most things in his life, John has found a way to do this easily and seamlessly. He uses many forms of communication to stay up to date with his clients and business associates and frequently travels from coast to coast. Moving to San Diego is one of the best choices John Seckel has ever made. He loves the weather and the people scene in San Diego but knows that he will always call Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, his home.

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